500 km to the Greenlandic
Where Greenland had real competition on the long distance they covered a combined 500 km for 5 out of 6 podium places in the 100 km race.

Greenlandic victory for the women
While Greenland had to leave victory in the 160 km race to Russia among the men they got their own back among the opposite sex.

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Russian whippet victorious
Faster than a race dog. That much is safe to say about this years winner of the Arctic Circle Race, who won convincingly in the total time 10:11:15.

Day 2: Niviaq Has a Solid Lead
Niviaq C. Berthelsen has a huge lead over her competitors. Greenlandic veteran Uiloq Slettemark was left far behind by her younger competitor who was more than half an hour faster than her competitors on day 2.

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But a new and hitherto unknown racer in the Arctic Circle Race came in third today. It was the Czech Miroslava Gores who reached the finish line about 10 minutes after Uiloq Slettemark. Thereby Gores put Greenlandic Ivalo Rosing Olsen out of the top 3 on the second day of the race although Rosing Olsen remains 3rd overall.

Day 2:

Niviaq C. Berthelsen – 3:41:45
Uiloq Slettemark – 4:19:40
Miroslava Gores – 4:30:09

SIKU Extreme Arctic Challenge cancelled

Dear racers

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It’s with the most profound regret that we have to inform you that the race SIKU Extreme Arctic Challenge has been cancelled.

Ammassalik Municipality who is our main sponsor is in a severe economical crisis, which culminated last week when the municipality was put under administration by the home rule government.

The implications are many. One that directly inflicts on the race is the demand that our municipality from today and for the rest of the year only is allowed to hold statutory expenses, such as welfare, the public school and the basics to keep the community running. Seen in this light our race is a luxury and event though we’re extremely sad about the situation, we do understand the necessity of prioritising and protecting the core structure in our community.

We feel bad for all of you who as ourselves have been preparing and looking forward to the race, but believe us we have tried everything.

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The entry fees will be naturally be returned, please contact us by email.

Anders Stenbakken

Greenland Adventure Race

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Arctic Circle Race:

Destination East Greenland